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by Jake Newman

ihl-logoWelcome to the former website of the International Hockey League.  The IHL was a minor professional hockey league that started in 1945 and after facing financial hardship, the league closed down for good in 2001.  Acting as an alternate farm system to the AHL (American Hockey League), the league ultimately had six franchises join the AHL upon closing it’s doors for good.  This website will reflect on the history of the International Hockey League as well as cover hockey news from around the globe.  Keep your head up, stick down, and skates tied, and you may just become a fan of ours!

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Summer Break

by Jake Newman

Hey everyone, thanks for your readership and long time support. I just wanted to let people know (since I was getting inquiries) that I’m taking a Summer break and will be back around July 15th. Thanks for all of your emails, support, and just inquiries in general. It’s cool to have such a nice audience and have a loyal hockey following.

I thought about covering the World Cup, which has been tremendous (USA, USA), but it’s just a lot of time. I’m with family, spending time outdoors, just relaxing.

So, please enjoy a happy fourth of July Holiday, and know that your favorite hockey blog will return during the slow Summer season and be back in action very soon.

All my best,

Game 3 Stanley Cup Prediction

by Jake Newman

Sorry everyone, I haven’t been able to cover the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs for one reason:  the Cup has been insane!

I mean seriously, overtime games are keeping me up late, over-worked, and over-tired, and without time to do the little things like update this site.

So, Kings vs. Rangers, game 3, from New York.  What’s the prediction?

My gut says, there has been two gritty games that could have easily gone to the Rangers, so I have to take them at home in game 3. They may not win this series, but they will make this a series.

They have great fans, and have a serious home ice advantage.  If the Kings win tonight, I STILL won’t call it over.

Should be a good one, but I have New York winning 5-3 tonight at home.



Kings Advance, Will Meet Rangers

by Jake Newman

In yet another bar burner, the Los Angeles Kings overcame the mighty (at home) Blackhawks of Chicago to win in overtime, 5-4.

Marion Gaborik tied the game with only 7 minutes remaining in the third period, and Alec Martinez slapped a shot from the point that was deflected before finding the back of the net almost six minutes into overtime to secure the win in Chicago.

The Kings won three game 7′s on the road, and almost have to be considered the favorites versus the waiting New York Rangers.

In what will be an epic final to a very solid season of hockey, I’m going on the limb and saying the Kings are the stronger team and will prevail.  I do have a rooting interest in New York, and will cheer for them, but LA’s road wins are something nobody can discount.

Kings in six is my call.

Bourque’s Hat Trick Lifts Habs, Cuts Gap

by Jake Newman

Don’t count them out, even without their starting goaltender out for the series.

No sir!  Rene Bourque scored a hat trick and led the Habs to a 7-4 victory at home against the New York Rangers.  The win cut the series deficit to 3-2.

I personally thought New York would wrap up the series, but that was NOT on the watch of the Montreal Canadiens, who took an early lead in a very high scoring affair and never looked back.

The series shifts back to New York on Thursday night for an 8 PM melee.

Will the Rangers wrap it up, or will Montreal force a game 7?

Price Out for Rest of Playoffs

by Jake Newman

As the Montreal Canadiens attempt to avoid another drubbing at the hands of the New York Rangers, they will have to do it without their starting goaltender, Carey Price.

Price was injured in Game 1 and will not return for the remainder of the NHL Playoffs.

In his place will be Dustin Tokarski.  Game two just went underway and Montreal is in full attack mode!  An early scrap has led to some penalties.

Prediction:  there will be some fights tonight!


Rangers Whip Habs, 7-2

by Jake Newman

“Why not us,” was the famous question posed by Rangers goaltender  Henrik Lundquist.

He may be on to something.  In what wasn’t even a fight from the exhausted Canadiens, the Rangers whipped Montreal on the road, 7-2, to take a 1-0 series lead.

Not much further needs to be said about that ass kicking.

Today, the 2014 NHL Playoffs continue with the much anticipated battle between the last two Stanley Cup Champions happens at 3 PM EST when the Chicago Blackhawks play host to the Los Angeles Kings.

Get your popcorn ready.  The Miami Heat also open up their series today versus the Indiana Pacers.

Sports Sunday at it’s finest!

Hawks Advance, Rangers Complete Comeback

by Jake Newman

The Blackhawks finally took a game from the Wild, who were unbeatable at home until last night.  The 2-1 win sends Chicago to the next round.

In another epic comeback, the New York Rangers overcame a 3-1 series lead to the favorite Pittsburgh Penguins and went on to the next round themselves.

What gives in Pitt?  Seriously, is this the players, the coaching staff, or what?  Every year they have a banner regular season and just lay eggs in the playoffs. It’s like every time they have had playoff hockey since winning the 2009 Stanley Cup, Sidney Crosby has just  checked out.

Tonight, we see Montreal and Boston in what will be an epic Game seven, as well as game six of the West Side’s Anaheim vs. Los Angeles.  The Ducks lead that one 3-2.

Continued coverage after this vapor smoke break!

Broken Noses From Playing Hockey

by Jake Newman

This is just what I came up with browsing the web this morning.

I’m sure I can find some better ones, but this is a pretty good start.  Let me know your thoughts on these, and please contact me if you have anything to add to this growing archive!

I think these guys need to check out some of the rhinoplasty surgeons out there and see about getting those bad boys fixed up!

I remember this one like it was yesterday!

As you know I support youth hockey, junior hockey, pro hockey, the whole nine. So here’s someone’s Mom’s version of a fight that broke a nose.

Old school video footage, but some serious haymakers thrown in this one.

If you liked this collection, check out my hockey fight gallery and the best  hair in Minnesota High School Hockey.

Looking forward to today’s playoff hockey.  Sid “I skip DMV Lines” Crosby tries to eliminate the Rangers and my Minnesota Wild take on Chicago after evening the series.  Happy Mothers Day, everyone.

Playoff Hockey At It’s Finest

by Jake Newman

This playoff hockey season has been spectacular, and I can’t wait for tonight’s games.

Last night, the Penguins went up 3-1 on the Rangers, giving them a commanding lead and making them the favorite to win the series.

Tonight, Boston and Montreal resume their series with the underdog Canadiens leading 2-1.

The Wild had a SERIOUS home victory after going down 2-0 in Chicago.  Clearly, they play better at home.

Haven’t seen any good fights yet in the playoffs, but it’s still early.

Tonight, the Ducks, a favorite to win the cup, takes on LA.  The Kings have a 2-0 lead in that series, which has been dominated by Marion Gaborik so far.

I’ll be watching the NFL draft, of course, but will be turning the channels back and forth because  hey, it’s the playoffs!

Could be up late, could use the awesome Elite eye serum in the morning for those dark circles, but hey, this is the time of year I live for.

Let’s make it interesting tonight, Anaheim and Boston.

Sharks Collapse & Game 7 Results

by Jake Newman

As I alluded to yesterday, reality set in and the Sharks collapsed in an epic proportion, giving away a 3-0 series lead.  I’d hate to be in their locker room today.

In other deciding games, The Minnesota Wild persevered and took game 7 in a thrilling overtime fashion.  They move on to play neighboring Chicago in round two.  People haven’t had this much excitement in Minnesota since the St. Paul Saints!

The Rangers prevailed 2-1 over the Flyers in the other game seven. Say what you will about the NBA playoffs being very entertaining, the NHL is putting on a great product as well!

Make sure you check out my best hockey fights archive, which I’ll constantly add to over time.