Best Electronic Cigarette

by Jake Newman

What’s best for you may be different than what’s best for others, but I have to say that 100% of the people I have referred to the V2 Cigs brand have enjoyed the experience and remain using them.  Everyone feels they are the top electronic cigarette on the market, so use the coupons below and join the millions who use V2.  I’ve also included more information on why this is the e cigarette brand with the top product line.

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Looking for the Top Rated Electronic Cigarette Brand?

You’ve found it.  Now hear about why this company has over one million customers, and counting.

I’ve made the switch to vapor cigarettes after smoking tobacco for longer than I care to talk about.  I first started off using Green Smoke, which is a marquee brand in it’s own right, but then one day was introduced to V2cigs.  Their Ultimate kit has every single thing one could desire when looking for an e-cig, and more.  Honestly, it’s the best value on the market, especially when you use the savings coupon I have inserted above for all my readers.  Whether it’s your first time reading my site, or your a long time reader who just happened to look at taking the plunge and looking at buying a vapor cigarette brand and give it the old college try, the coupon will save you money.  So please, use it, and send this page to a friend or two by using the social sharing functions.

Today, there are over 1,000 e-cig brands for sale, and I still recommend V2.  They have a new vaporizer line called V2 Pro, which I feel is right up there with the best vaporizing devices (pens) you can buy.  It’s a really slick device with a magnetic clasp, and it’s really a neat vaping experience.  So all around, I feel the company positioned itself well with their entire product line from cartridges, to liquids, to vaporizers, to the regular e cigarettes.

This is the V2 Pro Vaporizer

These vaporizers are the latest release from V2.

Fast forwarding, I tried quite a few brands, which are documented in my reviews on this site.  But for my money, there is only ONE best e cigarette and that brand is V2 Cigs.

There are a number of reasons why, which I get into in my V2 Review, but as long as your here, I’ll get to the facts right away and try to show you I feel it’s the top e-cigarette company, and has been since 2010.

1.  They have amazing prices.

Compare the price of cartridges, which is your lion’s share of cost once you get started, let’s face it.  V2 beats everyone in the game.

2.  The product line is big and constantly growing with more products.

Everything you need to start smoking e-cigs is for sale at  Plus, they have extra stuff like a lanyard (perfect for when I’m out skating), a carry case, on-the-go chargers like the PCC, and even exotic flavors.

3.  The products are  BETTER than the rest.  I’ve used other brands, and while they work, they aren’t really V2 quality.  They look, feel, and taste like a traditional cigarette, and they have the most vapor and tastiest cartridges you can find anywhere.

Visit V2 and save 15% on a starter kit with code – HOCKEY15.

Visit V2 and save 10% on all other stuff with code – HOCKEY

I’ve been in love with this brand from my first puff.  It truly is the top electric cigarette money can buy, and it will certainly help you shedding the more than 4,000 carcinogens in tobacco cigarettes and switching to vapor.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Don't Quit, Switch - See why millions have switched to V2!