Halo Cigs Review

by Jake Newman


Halo Cigs Coupons – Don’t Bother with this Brand

by Jake Newman

Instead, take a look at the brand that you’ll be happy with – no matter if you are an e-cig or vaporizer smoker.  V2Cigs Review.   Read that link and score a coupon, save yourself from making a poor decision – don’t buy Halo.  You’ll regret it.

Red Flag

I’m officially seeing a reason to raise the red flag and recommend you avoid Halo Cigs and instead buy Vapor Zone products.

If you are looking for a tank style e-cigarette, I’d suggest avoiding Halo.  In this review, I’ll tell you why.

The owner of the company approached a group of websites of some known associates of mine, and offered CASH for placement and recommendation.

So pretty much any electronic cigarette review website you see out there talking about how great Halo Cigs, is you can assume they are being paid to do that.

The fact is, they were an OK brand, probably marginally above average in the tank and liquid space, but then Vapor Zone came and literally cross checked them into the crowd of “has been” e cig brands.  Ouch!  So did V2 with their new Pro series, so really they are trending into the toilet bowl of electronic cigarettes if you ask me.

So, while I did like their offer, based on the fact that everyone out there is being approached by the owner and held under the coals of their affiliate commission percentages, I can’t recommend them.  Vapor Zone was just acquired by a company listed on the NASDAQ.  That’s prestige.

What does Halo have? 

A rogue affiliate program that treats it’s advertisers like crap if they don’t get their way.  If they treat their affiliate (paid marketing partners) base like this, the people who make them money, how do they treat their customers?  I can’t attest to that because I was always sent free product – and in fact now that I reflect on it – it always took quite a while in transit.

So, while you could take a chance here, I just choose not to support people who treat others like garbage.  I would recommend you do the right thing with your money, and buy a higher quality product from a much more reputable company – VaporZone.

Update:  THE BBB file doesn’t look too great for the Halo Company.

This Business is not BBB accredited

The Halo Company

Phone: (888) 425-6649 Fax: (888) 853-2276 210 West Parkway Unit 7, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 http://www.halocigs.com


Disregard my Halo Review – It’s a Thing of the past

This content is old, and biased based on what Halo offered to pay for past referred sales.  I can no longer support the claims below.  Actually I updated parts of it, just to keep it real.

Halo Cigs scam

Here’s what I’ll cover in this HaloCigs review, in this exact order

  • Halo G6 Starter Kit
  • Halo Triton Starter Kits
  • Halo E-Liquid Smoke Juice
  • Accessories

Halo G6 Starter Kit Review

For products that resemble cigarettes, the G6 is the starter kit that Halo Cigs offers.  With seven kits featuring unique battery color options, there is no shortage of customization here.  I chose to get the “Titanium batteries” which you’ll see pictured on the left.

Halo G6 Titanium Battery Starter kit

The G6 Starter Kit (with Titanium automatic batteries.)

Upon checking out, I was prompted to choose a battery length for the two included batteries.  They allow you to choose 65 mm (like a cigarette size) to 78 mm.  Another choice to make is whether to choose manual (push button release, with bigger vapor bursts but shorter battery life times in my experience) or automatic (you literally use it just like a cigarette with an automatic battery) batteries.  This is all done with a simple drop down menu.  Their website could not make customization any easier!

Then, you get to select a five pack of cartomizers.  (I cover the HUGE variety of what Halo offers later on in this review.)

With a USB charger, a wall charger, and a very sharp G6 carrying case, the total comes out to $44.99.  

This is one of the best values in the e-cig industry today, and it’s now wonder Halo Cigs won PC Mag’s award this year!

Halo Triton Tank System Review

Once you get into vaping, like I did, it’s time to really test out some of the advanced stuff out there.  I had heard the name “personal vaporizer” many times, and thought that it only meant you could smoke herbs with it.  Well, turns out I was dead wrong, and now I’m really starting to get into these highly innovative, unique batteries that allow us to vape e-liquids and juices in the smoothest of fashions.

The Triton batteries are the creme de la creme of e-cig batteries.  They have an extraordinary battery life and allow the user to vary the voltage of each puff.  This gives us FULL CONTROL when we use this product.  It’s really remarkable.

Once again, Halo offers multiple color options with this Triton starter kits.  I chose the battery color called “Iridescence.”  Just look at it (below.)  I wanted something very different, and this really stuck out to me.  The Deep purple looks awesome as well.

Iridescence Triton Tank Starter Kit

Is this gorgeous or what?

The Triton batteries are all manually operated.  You’ll see this at checkout.  They do allow two options – 400 mAh or 650 mAh.  I always like power, so I chose the 650’s.

The rest of the included accessories and hardware is below:

  • two “Crystal clear” tanks.
  • one iridescence cone.
  • one USB adapter.
  • one wall charger.
  • one Halo case.

There are many similar kits to the Triton that sell for $200.  You’ll be elated to know this kit, (which is absolutely to die for) runs only $64.99.  

The only down side I see here is they don’t include any e-liquid, but with so many options, and with how cheap the starter kit is, that’s not  a big deal to me.  I didn’t let it be a big deal when I bought this kit (most others were sent to me as review trials, remember) and that was one of the best decisions I made.

I recommend the Triton tank starter kit to anyone who is on that more advanced level.

Halo E-Cig Review – The E-liquids offered and the Bottom Line

Many user’s of tank style e-cigs complain that they have to buy their hardware from one company, and their juices from another company.  HaloCigs makes it easy because not only do they offer the best tank batteries available, but they also offer some very respectable e-liquids.

Here’s a list of all the e-juices offered by HaloCigs, as well as any notes on my experiences with them.

  • Tribeca
  • Turkish Tobacco
  • Prime15
  • Torque 56
  • Longhorn
  • Midnight Apple (Sweet and tasty)
  • Captain Jack (I compare this to pipe tobacco)
  • Voodoo
  • HX3
  • Tiki Juice
  • Freedom Juice
  • Southern Classic

That wraps up the Tobacco blends they offer.  Each blend has a base of tobacco and resonates with the taste of a tobacco cigarette brand.  Here is a list of the more exotic e-juices offered by Halo.

  • Kringle’s Curse
  • Shamrock  (Second favorite  and a must try – think of mint chip ice cream)
  • Malibu (My favorite – has hints of coconut rum in my opinion)
  • Belgian Cocoa
  • Twisted Java
  • Melted Java
  • Cafe Mocha (awesome if you love coffee like me)

Halo Cigs is way behind the competition in number of flavors offered.  FACT.

Halo Cigs has various starting kits and different technology backed electronic cigarettes. I tried to separate the cigarette-like G6 product review from the Triton Tank system review because I feel they are very different users that latch on to each device.  Hopefully that was carried out in the review.

HaloCigs E-Liquid Prices

When you first hold the Halo Cigs G6 ecig in hand you instantly realize that this is a bit different from the rest of the lot.  It looks a bit more futuristic.  But if you are looking for the future of smoking that resembles a cigarette, that product is for you.  The vapor production of the G6 is quite commendable. At this price I was surprised that the HaloCigs battery was able to create this much vapor. The vapor is dense, feels just about right and is almost as good as the real smoke.

It’s not bad, but if you want the best, try Vapor Zone.

Halo Cigs G6 is their cig-a-like product, and I can’t recommend it.  V2 smokes it. Literally and figuratively.

Visit Halo Cigs Online.

If you know you’ll be a long term vapor cig smoker, go with the Triton Tank battery – these are what people call “tanks” and these are refillable with any e-juice you want.  They are a very different, but manly way to get your vapor.

Do I feel this is the best e-cigarette?  Fuck no.  They used to be okay, but their idiot front man, Jason Del Guidice, doesn’t know how to run a business in my opinion.  Jersey guys.  Should have learned from watching the Jersey Shore!

Halo Menthol Ice E-liquid
Save yourself  the hassle of dealing with the B team.