History of the Electronic Cigarette

by Jake Newman


Hon Like invented the e-cigarette. The rest is history.

The electronic cigarette is taking the world by storm with its unique technology and an alternate nicotine delivery device to traditional cigarette smoking.   Today we’ll take a look at the history of the electronic cigarette.

I wish these were around earlier, it may have extended the careers of many hockey players who smoked.

Year 2003 – The Beginning of the E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarette was developed by Hon Lik, a pharmacist in China. He created the modern day electronic cigarette after his father, who was a chain smoker, died of lung cancer.

2006 – E-Cigs Invade Europe

Electronic cigarettes make their way to Europe after successfully conquering China.

2007 – The USA Market Gets Their First Taste

Electronic cigarettes make their way to the United States of America set out to take the country by storm.

2008 – Major Changes

  • Electronic cigarette gets banned in Turkey by Health Ministry of Drugs. The claim was that electronic cigarettes were as harmful as traditional smokes. The ministry blamed nicotine for being dangerous no matter how it is consumed.
  • A study by New Zealand reveals that toxicants and carcinogens are present in electronic cigarettes but in very little amounts. This makes the electronic cigarette far less threatening than the traditional cigarette.

2009 – More Changes

  • Australia bans the sale and import of electronic cigarette citing that nicotine consumption is dangerous no matter how it is consumed.
  • Jordan bans electronic cigarettes claiming that these devices contain certain chemicals which pose more threat than a normal cigarette.
  • The FDA adds the device to Import Alert 66-41 causing the electronic cigarettes to stop coming in the U.S.
  • Canada bans electronic cigarettes due to the fact that it contained propylene glycol.
  • Hong Kong bans electronic cigarette due to ban on smoke-free tobacco in the country.
  • FDA stops electronic cigarette companies from false advertisement about health benefits of electronic cigarettes.
  • Smoking and Health calls FDA to start regulation of the device by filing a petition against it.
  • Smoking Everywhere files a complaint against FDA based on the claim that FDA has no authority to regulate electronic cigarette since it does not contain tobacco.
  • Several other companies join Smoking Everywhere to fight against FDA’s ban.
  • FDA approves electronic cigarettes as nicotine cessation products after testing 18 different cartridges of the device.
  • President Obama signs a law that allows FDA to regulate electronic cigarettes. New brands entering the industry will also have to go through an extensive pre market standards set by the FDA.

Over the next few years several governments and health authority try to ban electronic cigarettes but fail to come up with valid arguments due to no research available. Electronic cigarettes continue to sell and more brands enter the industry.

Today, in 2013, these are among the most in-demand consumer products available.  While the best electronic cigarette will vary from person to person, you will see these popping up into society like wildfire.

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