Howie’s Hockey Tape Review

by Jake Newman

howies hockey tape reviewI buy a lot of hockey gear online.  I buy from many vendors, such as Hockey Monkey, HockeyShot, and even more.  However, as far as buying hockey tape, there is no better place to buy in bulk price than at Howie’s Hockey Tape!

Let’s face it, taping your stick is like a work of art.  I remember spending an hour before a big game getting that perfect tape job on my stick, and then waxing the tape down to every last inch, before eventually taking a flame and making sure all the wax sunk into the tape as deep as possible.

I don’t know if hockey players use that much passion when taping their sticks these days, but back in the day, that’s how it was done!

Nowadays, I just play pick-up hockey and coach from time to time, but when I need tape, I shop at Howie’s.

They have amazing prices, great customer service, and lightning fast delivery.  The coolest thing about Howie’s is the “Build a box” feature.  You can put together a bulk order of hockey tape and get whatever you want at rock bottom prices.  You can even do the same thing with hockey laces!

Each box of hockey tape contains 30 rolls!  That’s a monster box of tape, but as everyone who plays hockey knows, you can never have enough.  I buy a certain color of tape for my sticks, a certain color for taping up my shin pads, and even some for the top handle of my stick’s shaft.

Check them out at at  I’m not the only one who feels it’s a good store.  I pulled this youngster’s review of Howie’s from YouTube and felt it was worth sharing.

I’m currently on the prowl for a new Howie’s hockey tape discount code.  I’ll be back with any coupon codes I can find to help you save money off their already low prices.