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by Jake Newman

ihl-logoWelcome to the former website of the International Hockey League.  The IHL was a minor professional hockey league that started in 1945 and after facing financial hardship, the league closed down for good in 2001.  Acting as an alternate farm system to the AHL (American Hockey League), the league ultimately had six franchises join the AHL upon closing it’s doors for good.  This website will reflect on the history of the International Hockey League as well as cover hockey news from around the globe.  Keep your head up, stick down, and skates tied, and you may just become a fan of ours!

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The Basics Of Family Law

by Jake Newman

Not to get off topic, but if you follow daily you know that just yesterday I spoke about estate planning.  Today, I’m still in reflection on a passing of someone near me and I think it’s time to speak about family law.  It’s never too early to plan for stuff like this, and I hate seeing relationships fall apart.


Relationships aren’t always the way we think they will be.

(YES, I know the NHL is in FULL SWING.  I’ll get on it soon, but topics dear to me are what drive me to write.  So please, if this isn’t in your interests, feel free to read other sites today.)

Family law is about statutes that connect individuals who have a domestic connection or arrangement. These statutes are decided by case precedents or any other sources of law and they seek to decide the rights and the implementation of those rights in the case of people who are either related by blood (father and children) or by marriage (husband and wife). Since family issues are always emotionally charged, getting good legal counsel is the best solution no matter what the end goal is.

Some absolute basics about how the mechanisms of Family Law work are as follows:-

  • Most of the proceedings that take place with regard to family law are when a domestic arrangement or a marriage ends. Alimony, child custody and support, even the terms for separation are decided after this. The law differs for same sex couples and annulment can be sought if the marriage was never of a long enough period of time.
  • As far as the distribution of property is concerned when a divorce takes place; every state has a slightly different set of laws. At the time of marriage if a couple does not like the state rules for property, they can have their own prenuptial agreement. If the marriage ends in divorce, both the parties will be inexplicably bound by that agreement unless a loophole can be found. This will also include financial support for the wife if the marriage doesn’t work out.
  • Family law is also a lot about preventing abuse, negligence or taking advantage. In cases where this has already occurred, it attempts to take the best possible steps to stop the continuation of such actions. The relationships between spouses and their children are ideally supposed to be free from physical or emotional abuse. Elderly people or family members are also protected under this set of laws. In some cases a ‘restraining order’ becomes essential to stop damaging behavior.
  • Hiring the best attorney you can afford is often the best way to avert future problems in the event of a divorce and also to get the court ruled in favor of what is best for the children. A good attorney can help you keep the upper hand in trial talks and settlements and especially so if you case is being contested by your spouse. Without proper legal representation, the individual might simply waive off important rights which will do no good in the long run.
  • The most common court proceeding is one over child custody. Education, safety and mental and physical well being are the criteria or the yardstick that the court decides against and they usually go with the mother (‘Tender year’s doctrine). If the mother is proven unworthy or unfit, the father gains custody.
  • Rights might also be divided in the case of joint custody and that means the child spends equal time with both parents till he or she reaches maturity. Unnecessary disruptions (such as school timings and days) are avoided by the court when it drafts a custody schedule.

Resources used in composing today’s entry:

Women, if you are a battered spouse, please don’t hesitate to contact this website:  http://www.helpguide.org/articles/abuse/help-for-abused-and-battered-women.htm

Tips For Creating An Estate Plan

by Jake Newman

Saving Money through estate planning

If this article helps one person keep their money, it’ll be worth the time I spent writing it.

A friend of mine went through some tragedy, and it was so eye opening, what happened to his assets, that it’s worth me spending time on educating everyone on what I’ve learned from this.  This is a huge reason I haven’t posted much lately, but I promise I’ll be back soon and following hockey now that the NHL has started up in full effect.  This is close to me, so please, don’t take this lightly, it can happen to anyone.

All couples who have a combined income of $2 million and individuals with an income of $1 million should indulge in estate planning. Planning for your estate, if not done at the right time, can cause a lot of problems for your heirs as they might have to send a huge percentage of your estate in taxes to the government after your death.

Since nobody likes to have their heirs suffering, it is best to plan your estate wisely to determine who gets what and what happens to your assets after you die. With the help of estate planning, you can successfully decide what will happen to your assets in different possible situations.

In order to create an estate plan, follow the tips below:

1- Pay a visit to the library and research on the internet to get an idea about what estate planning is and what estate settlement is
2- Get in touch with trusted people such as your colleagues and friends and find out about the best attorneys in estate planning. Some factors that can help you decide between different attorneys is their level of specialization in accounting and transferring of wealth to upcoming generations
3- You must also decide what you are best served by; i.e. a will, living trust or both of them
4- All those who specialize in planning focus on the importance of minimizing probate costs. Probate costs can be reduced by gifting strategies, insurance or living trusts. Discuss these options with your attorney in order to reduce costs and thus effectively manage your estate
5- Getting survivorship, which is also known, as second to die, is another important part of a plan. You must assess the possibilities of qualifying for second to die life insurance to pay for estate taxes
6- Once you have determined and assessed all possibilities, you should then put your plan in writing. Carefully outline the plan and review it properly. You can seek help from those you trust when it comes to the reviewing part, as there are small details that must not be ignored.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when it comes to estate planning such as the following:
• Don’t sign anything which you cannot understand
• Seeking legal advice and tax advice can come with a huge price tag
• You can improve your planning ideas by watching interactive websites

Some of this information collected and presented today was found on this Estate Planning San Jose website.

How Flashlights Evolved into Tactical Products

by Jake Newman

People have been trying to make portable light sources as far back as we can remember. The first invention we know of was to light tree branches on fire, and after that it was candles, which were followed by kerosene lamps. The main drawback of all of these was that we had to depend on fire to create light, and this was not the best idea, as well as dangerous, in some situations.

The invention of the flashlight was to be the answer of all of these problems. Thomas Edison, in 1879, was the one to have the first impact in creating the history of flashlights, by inventing the light bulb. In the light bulb, Edison used a carbon filament to create light. This was later replaced by a tungsten wire filament, but the theory remained the same. At the same time, work had begun on making a battery that was portable, and Dr. Carl Gassner, a German scientist, created the first portable battery in 1888.

escape tactical

Escape Tactical is a new brand in the tactical products space.

These two inventions combined were the basis of the first flashlight, which was created in 1898 by Conrad Hubert, who worked alongside a man named David Misell, the inventor of tubular flashlights. The company created by Hubert was called ‘The American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company’, and it patented the creation of flashlights in 1898. This company went on to become the company that we know now as ‘Eveready’.

A lot of the information I get come from GI Joes Survival Blog.  Check it out when you get a moment, it’s a great read.

The basic idea of the flashlight stayed the same, even though the physical form has changed many times. There are even flashlights now which do not even need to use batteries, meaning that they can be used anytime, anywhere! There are also LED flashlights, which use batteries, but can run for more time than a conventional flashlight, on the same amount of batteries. These are also brighter than other flashlights, and remain so even when the batteries are almost drained.

Now there are mostly just two types of flashlights. One of these are the flashlights that are extremely bright and are used by the military, security teams, and the police, and these can be very expensive and advanced. The other type of flashlights is the one that is more common and is used by most people, as it does not cost much and these come in almost every size and shape imaginable.

The creation of the flashlight has revolutionized portable lighting, coming a long way from what it was originally designed for. Battery-operated flashlights are expected to become obsolete in the near future, if the pace of advancements in technology continues at the same rate.

These days, it doesn’t stop there.  Enter Escape Tactical and their flashlight, which is called the Flamethrower.  I found about it by reading this page about tactical flashlights.



Website Rescue – The Best Internet Marketing Team I’ve Met

by Jake Newman

Just wanted to give a shout out to some guys who are making things happen here at Ihl-Hockey.com.

The gang over at WebsiteRescue.com Internet Marketing has given me so many tips, tricks, and ideas for my site, that’s unreal.

Website Rescue Internet Marketing

I reached out to them to find out more about working with them, and to get some ideas about how to run my site.  I love blogging about hockey, talking about hockey fights, and throwing in my occasional product reviews when a company decides to send some swag my way, but that’s not enough.  I want to make this site a full time job. I want to get advertisers interested in being listed on my site.  I’d like to be a go-to spot for content every day for everyone from the average sports nut to the guy who just wants to read another guys blog.  Sure, that’s a lofty goal, but after talking to the gang at Website Rescue, I don’t think I’m far off.

There are many good websites out there that started as small blogs.  Even TMZ, it started as something small that really grew into the massive news portal it is today. Admittedly, I can’t blog about the IHL, as the league is long gone.  But I can talk about hockey, sports, and guys stuff.  So being a guys blog, that has a lot of merit to it, don’t you think?

  • Hockey Fights
  • Pictures of great looking women
  • Cars, Trucks, and Toys
  • Fishing, Ice Fishing, Jet Ski’s

Do I sound like Kenny Powers?  Well, that’s my point.  If Kenny Powers had a blog, I don’t think I’d miss a single day.  In fact, it would be my home page.  So, that’s probably a good persona to model it after.  A guys blog.  A blog for guys who like hockey or just represent what a real man is.  That’s what I’m gunning for.

Anyways, back to my original rant…..

The guys at Website Rescue blew me away.  I have a proposal to re-design my entire site and make it have all sorts of bells and whistles.  Things I need to get the social shares I need to get this blog to that next level.  Sure, cash is tight, and being an up north guy, I don’t like parting with my money unless it’s for some cold beers or some tasty wings.  But this may be a stepping stone I need to take.  I already have a road map and plan implemented for search engine exposure, thanks to them.  So, I’m now deciding just how far the website will go.

I’ll keep you posted.  We’re almost to Football Season!

Five Important Skin Care Tips for Men

by Jake Newman

So, I’m back from vacation, and happy to be enjoying Summer still.  Football season is revving up, and I’m pretty amped to get back into following my favorite teams.  Today, I am going to unleash the “lighter side of Jake.”  Yeah, I just spoke in third person!

For now though, I’m going to shed some advice on some skin care tips.  I learned all my stuff from this link (Friends of mine – show some love) – http://www.liquidpub.org/skin-care.

Elite Serum Rx

This is the top anti aging serum on the market. I use it twice daily.

It is commonly perceived by men that they don’t have to take care of their skin and skincare is important for ladies only. However, this is absolutely wrong, as it is mandatory for men who want to maintain their healthy and youthful appearance to invest in a proper skincare routine.

If you are looking to improve your skin and woo the ladies, here are five important skincare tips that can be extremely helpful.


Skincare is not just about using the right skincare products. It also involves taking proper care of your skin on a daily basis. For starters, make sure you are washing your face at least twice everyday. Irrespective of whether you are using a regular soap or a cleanser, washing your face properly is vital for a fresher look. Moreover, along with washing your face twice a day, you should also apply sunscreen on your body and face before you go outdoors. Make sure you apply the product on all bald spots to avoid unwanted burns.


Moisturizing your skin is also another integral component of a good skincare regime. Whether it’s the summers or the winters, you have to add a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. For winters, try getting a moisturizer with shea butter as it helps in reducing skin discoloration and improves the overall appearance of the skin. Along with moisturizing your face, you should also use a glycolic facial cleanser before shaving to avoid razor bumps and dislodge ingrown hairs. A scrub also works wonders with ingrown hairs.

For Pores 

A lot of men struggle with the appearance of pores on the skin. Using over the counter products such as scrubs or toners can treat pores. It is best to get a toner or scrub that has salicylic acid.

Eye Care 

On the other hand, the skin under our eyes is affected the most by aging. Whether you are a male or a female, you should expect to experience dark circles and puffy eyes with aging, particularly if you fail to take proper care of it before time. While no one is an exception to aging, you can minimize its effects by using the right products. There are many eye creams or gels that you can find over the counter. Daily application of the cream is vital to reduce eye puffiness, eye bags and dark circles under the eye.

Of course, you can always use the product I use daily – the Elite Rx eye serum.  It’s the best product I’ve found for those pesky dark circles, eye wrinkles, and other signs of aging that surface on our faces as we grow older.

Back to sports in my next update!  

Summer Break

by Jake Newman

Hey everyone, thanks for your readership and long time support. I just wanted to let people know (since I was getting inquiries) that I’m taking a Summer break and will be back around July 15th. Thanks for all of your emails, support, and just inquiries in general. It’s cool to have such a nice audience and have a loyal hockey following.

I thought about covering the World Cup, which has been tremendous (USA, USA), but it’s just a lot of time. I’m with family, spending time outdoors, just relaxing.

So, please enjoy a happy fourth of July Holiday, and know that your favorite hockey blog will return during the slow Summer season and be back in action very soon.

All my best,

Game 3 Stanley Cup Prediction

by Jake Newman

Sorry everyone, I haven’t been able to cover the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs for one reason:  the Cup has been insane!

I mean seriously, overtime games are keeping me up late, over-worked, and over-tired, and without time to do the little things like update this site.

So, Kings vs. Rangers, game 3, from New York.  What’s the prediction?

My gut says, there has been two gritty games that could have easily gone to the Rangers, so I have to take them at home in game 3. They may not win this series, but they will make this a series.

They have great fans, and have a serious home ice advantage.  If the Kings win tonight, I STILL won’t call it over.

Should be a good one, but I have New York winning 5-3 tonight at home.



Kings Advance, Will Meet Rangers

by Jake Newman

In yet another bar burner, the Los Angeles Kings overcame the mighty (at home) Blackhawks of Chicago to win in overtime, 5-4.

Marion Gaborik tied the game with only 7 minutes remaining in the third period, and Alec Martinez slapped a shot from the point that was deflected before finding the back of the net almost six minutes into overtime to secure the win in Chicago.

The Kings won three game 7’s on the road, and almost have to be considered the favorites versus the waiting New York Rangers.

In what will be an epic final to a very solid season of hockey, I’m going on the limb and saying the Kings are the stronger team and will prevail.  I do have a rooting interest in New York, and will cheer for them, but LA’s road wins are something nobody can discount.

Kings in six is my call.

Bourque’s Hat Trick Lifts Habs, Cuts Gap

by Jake Newman

Don’t count them out, even without their starting goaltender out for the series.

No sir!  Rene Bourque scored a hat trick and led the Habs to a 7-4 victory at home against the New York Rangers.  The win cut the series deficit to 3-2.

I personally thought New York would wrap up the series, but that was NOT on the watch of the Montreal Canadiens, who took an early lead in a very high scoring affair and never looked back.

The series shifts back to New York on Thursday night for an 8 PM melee.

Will the Rangers wrap it up, or will Montreal force a game 7?

Price Out for Rest of Playoffs

by Jake Newman

As the Montreal Canadiens attempt to avoid another drubbing at the hands of the New York Rangers, they will have to do it without their starting goaltender, Carey Price.

Price was injured in Game 1 and will not return for the remainder of the NHL Playoffs.

In his place will be Dustin Tokarski.  Game two just went underway and Montreal is in full attack mode!  An early scrap has led to some penalties.

Prediction:  there will be some fights tonight!