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by Jake Newman

V2 Coupons

When you couple great products, low prices, and coupons, what’s there not to like?

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Save big when you use a V2 Cigs coupon code.  Get 15% off all starter kits at V2cigs.com or use the same code for 10% off any cartridge flavor, batteries, liquid juices, disposable e-cigs, or accessories.

As the best electronic cigarette brand in the world, the company is notorious for impeccable service, superior quality, and extreme innovation.  Extensive quality control goes into all batteries and components, and every liquid is even batch tested.

With the promo codes and discount coupons listed in this review, you’ll be able to save money on quality products and when compared to tobacco, come out way ahead.  Just use any coupon code listed here, and paste them into the checkout box and you’ll see your new total reflect the discount.

You can get anything you want at V2Cigs with the 10% off coupon, but the 15% off coupon is strictly for any starter kit  When you take 15% off the Ultimate Ex Kit, priced at $179, that’s a serious savings!

Our codes never expire, I’ve secured a direct line to the manufacturer (VMR Products) and since I’m a frequent customer myself, I’m often confirming that the promo codes work just fine at V2Cigs.com.

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for 15%

Most coupon codes offer a 15% discount on kits and 10% off on everything else. You can save several dollars just by typing these codes on the payment section of their official online store. But these coupons can become even more valuable if you know how to use them in combination with a promo code.

Hopefully this page helped you if you were looking for promo codes, a V2 Cigs discount code, or any type of V2 electronic cigarette coupon code that will save you money.  I’ve counted over $2,000 (and counting) in applied discounts at V2Cigs.com official website.  As someone who constantly uses vapor cigarettes and all the associated accessories, it’s pretty obvious how much money I’ve spent and continue to spend on this amazing vapor cig brand.

V2Cigs Review

If you were coming to hear an opinion about V2 electronic cigarettes, then I welcome you!  Most people come to use my big coupon codes, but for those of you looking for more of a review of this company, I am also providing you that as well.  So here it is, the good, the better, and the best things about the top e cigarette brand in the world.

The company offers five ways to get started with your vapor cigarette habit.  They have starter kits priced from $34.95 (before my discount) all the way up to the EX Ultimate Starter Kit which tops out at $179.95.

The Beginners Kit – $34.95

  • 1  standard white automatic battery
  • 1 express charger
  • 6 flavor cartridges
  • 1 disposable device

The V2 Standard Kit – $59.95

Next up, this starter kit offers the following:

  • Two Batteries
  • A Wall Adapter
  • Select 1o cartridges of your choice of flavor and strength.
  • A manual and a smart charger.

The Standard Plus Kit is $99.95

Moving up a level, here’s what it comes with.

  • Two Batteries
  • A wall adapter
  • 10 cartridges (again of your choice)
  • One PCC
  • One Manual, and One Smart Charger

Another option for two people is the Couples Kit $114.95

  • Two operator manuals
  • Four E Cig Batteries
  • Two wall adapters
  • A whopping 20 cartridges
  • Two Smart Chargers

Finally, the cream of the crop – the Ultimate Starter Kit (Now with EX Cartridges & Batteries) – $179.95

  • Three V2cigs batteries
  • One wall  adapter
  • Twenty five cartridges!
  • One smart charger
  • One portable charging case XL
  • One (two amp) car adapter
  • One metal carrying case
  • One power cig
  • A manual
  • A lanyard
V2 e cig coupons for starter kits.

The Ultimate Kit is the best kit money can buy for a first time electronic cigarette buyer.


Does Anyone have any V2Cigs Complaints?

Heck no, this brand is rock solid from top to bottom.  The customers are happy with the quality of the products and the customer service is stellar.

I’ve used this brand for a while.  Now, they have EX cartomizers and batteries that out-do their prior generation components and devices.  It’s always cool to see progress, but this company really has a stranglehold on the rest of the e cig brands out there by outclassing them at every corner.

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