VaporFi Review

by Jake Newman

The world of smoking electronically has moved to a new device called personal vaporizers.  This is the official VaporFi review.

Note:  This brand recently re-branded from the name “Vapor Zone.”  Same people, same products, just a new name.  I like it!

These are high-powered e-cigarette devices that often times look like a flashlight.  Among the most technologically advanced products in the space, they offer functionality like variable voltage control, a puff counter, and all around the best vaping experience you could ever dream of!

This is the most advanced brand on the Market – Vapor Zone.

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VaporFi s the newest brand from International Vapor Group, the same company responsible for a number of great e-cig brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. Having earned a very reputable image in the industry, their newest brand will only add to this excellent status. They’ve really outdone themselves with their latest brand, because VaporFi really goes further into the technology and product superiority than anything else in the market.

VaporFi was made for advanced users, above all, but they don’t discriminate; there is even a range of their products that are ideal for beginners who also want the best. Even though they just launched, we’re expecting this brand to be dong major things in the coming year. Their products, selection, philosophy, and offerings are just too good.

One of Vapor Fi’s shining concepts is that they cover all ground. You will not see another brand who carries such a comprehensive selection of products and options. They spared no cost and really went to great extremes to make sure everything is done at the highest standards. From the packaging, the design, and the feel of everything it is evident. They hold nothing back – there is nothing cheap about this brand!

VaporFi has lots of major points of difference. As we get into the bulk of this review, I’m going to start by  making known some of their Pros:

Custom-blended e-liquids!

Whatever flavors you want, you can get. Mix as you please, they have 50 flavors that can be mixed to 30,000 different ways! What?!

Their e-liquids are among their best offerings, and no one else is putting this much effort into having such great juice. All USA-made, using the very best ingredients, just wait till you taste them!

6 starter kits built around their very unique, innovative vaporizer models, as well as traditional e-cigarettes and disposables. Yes, they literally carry everything.

An incredible selection of different accessories.

An excellent Home Delivery Program, which can save you a ton of money.

Great instructional videos for hands-on demos.

Battery Selection

All VaporZone batteries come with a lifetime warranty.

Top Shelf Liquids

And even with all of their insanely hi-tech e-cigarette models, that do way more than most e-cigarettes can do, having the option to custom blend your liquids is mind blowing. Why settle for what a company gives you if you can blend as you like? Flavor is one of the big reasons a lot of vapers go for vaporizers; they create just better vapor and flavor, so VaporFi really lets you take advantage of this.

Starter Kits

When it comes to starter kits, VaporZone has the very best selection of packages. Here is a look at each one, and what it comes with:

The VaporFi Express Starter Kit

Made for beginners who want affordable products without losing out on any of the quality. We all know this range of products in the market is subjective at best; VaporZone gives you the best quality, with a great lineup of products for the low price of $29.99. Yeah, you won’t be looking for extra coupons with this kit!

It includes:

1 Standard Battery

1 High Capacity Battery

1 Wall Charging Adapter

1 USB Charger

The VaporFi Pro Kit 

Things really start to get interesting with this starter kit. This battery has some serious oomph to it; compared to the standard 180mAh e-cigarette batteries, this will rock your world at 1000mAh! The vapor production and the power of the hit are exceptionally strong. Also above basic models, there are quite a few control options on this battery that will allow you to vape exactly the way you want to. At $54.99, this kit is a steal!

Vapor Zone Review

It includes:

1 Pro 1000mAh Battery

1 Pro-L Cartomizer

1 Wall Charging Adapter

1 USB Charger

3 Additional Atomizers

The VaporFi Air Starter Kit

The Air is about compact performance. This style features a sleek, aerodynamic  battery that is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. With 350mAh, it’s a powerful little guy! The design is amazing, and this kit comes with a mouthpiece, atomizer, and the necessary charging gear. It promises high performance in a very slim unit. Also very affordably priced at $49.99.

It includes:

1 350mAh Battery

1 Air Cartomizer

1 Mouthpiece

1 Wall Charging Adapter

1 USB Charger

The VaporFi Jet Starter Kit

The Jet ups the advancements and technology. This is a highly powerful 650mAh battery that has features like a puff counter and a battery meter. At $79.99, you get a nice assortment of accessories as well as this ultra-powerful battery.

It includes:

1 650mAh Jet Battery

1 Jet Cartomizer

2 Additional Cartomizers

1 USB Charging Cable

1 Wall Charging Adapter

1 Mouthpiece Cap

The VaporFi Pulse Starter Kit

The technology, advancements, and features only go upwards with the Pulse battery. I was pretty blown away by each of the models I tried, but this one really shocked me with it’s offerings and capabilities. The Pulse standup/ circular charger is also pretty rad! At $119.99, you are paying for amazing technology and very cool accessories; very much worth it!

It includes:

2 750mAh Batteries

2 Premium Cartomizers

1 Circular Charger

1 USB Charging Cable

1 Wall Charging Adapter

The VaporFi Rebel Kit (Currently Unavailable) 

This is the top of the line vaporizer, and nothing in the market compares. VaporZone really went to great extremes to create this baby, because it was designed for serious pros who want the best there is. I’m telling you, it’s like nothing I’ve ever used before! The Rebel batteries feature variable voltage, allowing you to control the voltage/ power when you hit it. It also happens to be gorgeous, with an all stainless steel body. You have the option of using any cartomizers and tanks, even those commercially available. The price tag of $179.99 for this starter kit is pretty low for a vaporizer of this magnitude.

It includes:

1 Telescopic Variable Voltage Vaporizer

1 Rechargeable High Capacity Battery

1 Rechargeable Standard Capacity Battery

1 Rebel Dual Head Tank Cartomizer

1 Wall Charging Adapter

1 USB Charging Cable

So as you can see, VaporZone covers everything. There is no other brand so complete in just about everything, and customers are already raving about the satisfaction. This brand was developed to satisfy the most hard to please e-smokers out there, and I am sure they will have no problems doing that. Above all, they are not messing around!

And for these reasons, I have no hesitation in urging advanced users this brand as it’s clearly a top e cigarette brand in the “mod” and “custom liquid space.

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